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Does Your News Measure Up?

The success of a public relations campaign depends on effectively communicating key messages to your target audience.  With more than five decades of demonstrated experience, we are specialists in evaluating media coverage to determine if your goals were met.  News Analysis Institute is committed to providing public relations professionals with measurable results that aid in determining the contribution of publicity to corporate communications goals.

To aid public relations professionals, we offer:

Analysis Service - a wide variety of report formats to provide you with a clear, concise picture of the effectiveness of your publicity.

Competitive Analysis - keeping track of what the other guy is doing is vitally important when planning strategies for staying ahead of the pack.

Database Support - to give you a history of your company's or your client's performance over one year or several years.

Media Research Service - the way to go if you are interested in obtaining information regarding impressions and value as advertising, but do not need a formal report.

Report formats vary greatly in detail and complexity, ranging from a top-line overview to a detailed review of message, tone and quality rating.  Our goal is to tailor the report to your needs and specifications.  Reports can be prepared monthly, quarterly or on an as-needed basis.

Report cost and the time needed to analyze a public relations campaign depend on the volume of coverage analyzed and the complexity of the report format.  Estimates of cost and time can be given prior to the start of any project.

Click here to view some sample report styles, then contact us for information on how our services can be targeted to your needs.




How does your company measure success?



Impressions:  the estimated number of readers exposed to your message.

Value as Advertising:  tells you what print space and air time are worth as paid advertising.

Messages:  themes that position a company and/or its products as leaders in their field.

Quality Rating:  point value system used to determine the effectiveness of a campaign.

Tone of Coverage:  whether the reporting slant is favorable or unfavorable.



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